Unlike all other car dealers, we bring you the ultimate cheapest offer that you sure cannot deny. How about we pay your car removal for cash up to $8999 for all makes, models, conditions, types, and brands of vehicles?

Don’t worry about the process when dealing with Instant car removals. As our name indicates, we are quick, efficient and swift enough for speedy and same-day car removal. Contact us today and sell your car for top cash and pay absolutely nothing for car removals.

Car removal for cash – Quick car removals

Apart from how much we pay your auto, you must have an understanding of all the vehicle conditions we pay cash for. To be precise, we pay for all the conditions of vehicles. But to make it clear, we have narrowed down to a list that may help you conceive which car type are you selling.

  • Scrap car for cash
  • Used car for cash
  • Unwanted car for cash
  • Broken car for cash
  • Accidental car for cash
  • Salvage car for cash
  • Written-off car for cash
  • Junk car for cash
  • Damaged car for cash
  • Old car for cash
  • Wrecked car for cash

We are eco-recyclers

Do you ever wonder why are we so much eager to pay you for scrap? It must have hit your mind at some point but you never really went out to find a reason that may relate that. The reason is simple, we are eco-recyclers, meaning we recycle vehicles and reuse them in the manufacturing of new vehicles. This is all done to restore the natural balance that we humans have disturbed through advanced technologies and industries.

Our motive is to reduce landfills and pollution for our generations to prosper in a clean environment. The air now has become so pollutant with all these landfills and pollutants that have become a major source of various diseases. We are only trying to pay our little part or role in maintaining a natural balance for the prosperity of our mother earth and future generations.

The process begins by paying you top cash for cars up to $8999. Then we set up a car removal day and provide a FREE car removal service. Later, this car is sent to recycling factories where they are recycled and changed into raw material. This raw is then sent to car manufacturing factories where they are used in the manufacturing of new cars. RECYCLING DONE PROPER!


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