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Auto Parts Seller

Instant Car Removal is a leading industry that supplies and sells second-hand auto parts. An Auto Parts Seller that provides refundable guarantee of auto parts if they do not work. All our automotive second-hand parts will yield greater life and greater function. There is no compromise in quality of our services or car spare parts.

We have highly skilled, professional and experienced sales staff and mechanics that helps to assemble everything in a nice manner. Our staff would always be available to answer all your queries and would stay available through 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Head over to our website in order to purchase auto parts online that fits your budget perfectly.



We understand how stressful it is to have your car stopped in the middle of nowhere due to unreliable and low-quality second-hand auto parts. But with Instant Car Removal, you can take breath of relief since we never compromise in quality. We will give your car the treatment it deserves by assembling the right parts that functions properly and would yield a greater life than any other.If you are looking for car accessories shop or car parts near me, Instant Car Removals are the right stop for you. You can purchase car parts online or through any of our store that is near you.

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We have second-hand tyres, tail lights, engine, transmission and everything

If you are looking for second-hand car spare parts, Instant Car Removal should be your choice. There are numerous reasons but one of the major reason is that we have all parts that your car requires. We do not make excuses of things that we don’t have, we will make an exception for you and bring you car parts that your car needs.

It doesn’t matter if you want to purchase a cheaper car part from us or an expensive one, we will treat you with love and respect. We have all auto parts like tail lights, head lights, bumper, transmission, suspension, engine, alloys, wheels, windows, doors, locks, gear, clutch, radiator or anything that you want. Name it and purchase it!